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Thank you for signing to receive of strata council communications by email, at the Meet-and-Greet held on April 9. After a couple of months, you should notice no more notices under the door; they will be sent electronically.

Eventually the names from the existing ColyVan list will be added, but until then, only the people who signed up at the April 9 meet and greet will get emails from the new official voice of Cornerstone Strata Council LMS 1383.

This is a new channel of communication to deliver more than just meeting minutes and official notices. We want to build a sense of community through meet-and-greets and better communication.


At the next Meet and Greet (to be announced), our focus is committees. Each committee can be up to seven members, and reports back to Council.

Some suggestions:

Communications Committee – better use of bulletin boards and elevator notices to communicate.

Social Committee – people who enjoy setting up events, such as the last meet-and-greet.

Blockwatch Committee – strata has not had a single report of a property crime since November 1st, and we want to keep it that way. We really need Blockwatch captains, and we will support you.

Finance Committee  – to be headed by the Strata Council Treasurer, to make sure money is spent responsibly.

Exterior Committee – all about making the exterior of the building look better

Maintenance Committee – the overseers of all the planned maintenance that happens, and that sign off on the job descriptions of the Caretakers.